Movers Alliance Services

Apartment Moving Services
Our movers are apartment moving pros. All trucks are equipped with box dollies, 4 wheel dollies, furniture pads, and additional items available on request. Have a special request? If you wish to have certain items shrink wrapped, let us know at the time of your booking and our movers will be sure to have shrink wrap on the truck.

Apartment moving can be done very efficiently with the right people. Sometimes it is beneficial to have 3 people on an apartment move, and sometimes 2 is plenty depending on the size of the move. Choosing the right amount of movers for your job will be our move coordinators job based on the cargo details and accessibility options of your apartment. Our move coordinators have several years experience each in assigning the right movers, equipment, and extras needed to make your apartment move go smoothly
Piano Moving Services
Piano moving is a specialty. There are 3 types of piano moves.

Upright Piano Move
Upright Grand Piano Move
Grand Piano Move.

There are many bargain companies out there where you can get a flat rated piano move. Some of these will be very tempting because their price “seems” so much better than an hourly rate quote. Here are some important things to consider in a piano move. If a piano move is too cheap, you are likely dealing with an uninsured move. A piano move is one of the highest risk when it comes to insurance claims. You want to make sure that your moving company is fully insured, and has the right piano moving equipment. If you choose a company that flat rates it, be prepared for surprises.

Pianos can weigh anywhere from 250 lbs all the way to over 1000 lbs, so be aware of this, and be sure to inform your move coordinator of access descriptions very thoroughly. If you omit that the staircase at the move to location has a tight turn, you may be in for some surprises. If our move coordinator is properly informed (and they will ask a lot of questions), you will have a smooth piano move. Our guys are insured, and have the right equipment and years of experiencing in moving all types of pianos, in all types of circumstances.
Office Moving Services

Office moving sometimes requires special equipment.  If you have an office move, be sure to speak to our move coordinators and be very specific with your contents.  Also ask yourself things like:

- do I need packing materials ahead of time?
- do I need boxes, or plastic rental cartons?
- what kind of heavy things do we have to move?

You should also know that in most cases file cabinets, and lateral file cabinets will have to be emptied before moving.  It is not that the equipment cannot move the weight, it is that the weight inside these cabinets could destroy the structural integrity of the cabinet while in transport.

These are questions to be discussed with your professional move coordinator.

Distance Moving

We have also partnered with several of the top rated, and quality long distance moving companies in Canada. Having several companies gives us a competitive advantage over any single long distance moving company, because of massive amount of trucking available heading East or West.

We simply need to find one of our partners trucks that is heading the right direction at the right time, and you SAVE the money!

Packing Supplies for Moving

Our movers are full service movers. If you need packing service ahead of time, please book in enough advanced time. We can supply boxes, or rental cartons based on availability of the city you are in. Usually if you are packing and moving a house, we would advise to come a day ahead and do all the packing the day before the move. That allows you to use your house right up until almost the last day, to minimally interrupt your normal living conditions. However, you are the customer and we will work with your schedule.

We carry all sizes of moving boxes, packing materials, shrink wrap, corrugated cardboard, file boxes, specialty boxes and any other special needs your packing services may require. Be sure to discuss in detail what you'll need to pack up with our move coordinator so they can assess your needs and bring the appropriate amount of supplies.