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Generate more income, enjoy higher closing ratios, and increase your customer retention, all while freeing up your time!
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We offer you, the movers the strength of a proven sales team, friendly reception and optional administrative services, guaranteed to make you money! We are specialists in the moving industry and together we have many accumulative years of selling experience and customer care. You will not pay any money unless a move is booked. No expensive hourly wages to pay. You will make no investment to us unless a move is completed and we make you money!

Brand recognition while keeping your own company name.
We offer our services at a price you can afford!

Sales and Reception

Why not free up your hands and do what you do best, MOVE.

All you need is the call-forwarding feature on your phone to benefit from Sales and Reception for your moving company. We will give your clients the undivided attention they deserve in assuring a stress free move. This allows you to confidently work on your customer scheduling while we take care of the calls. 


Customer Care

It's never just about moving.

We can provide confirmations, follow-up and optional complaint resolution. This all comes in extremely handy when your schdule is busy yet customers have issues that will require due care and attention. Our team can work with your customers during and after your moving assistance in order to free up your time to work with the next job. 


Our alliance of movers can help in resolving most dispatch issues. 

Using technology designed for the job of Moving Dispatch lets Movers Alliance help ensure there are a minimum of issues and give us alll the advantages needed to resolve any quickly. With experienced teams in the field of Moving homes and offices, 


Referral program

The Movers Alliance Referral Program fits some great niches. 

Our internal referral program allows for you to generate income from your advertising even when you are booked and at the same time we can help fill your schedule! Movers Alliance is working for you because your success really is our success. 

Alternate payment methods

Offering a variety of ways to pay helps close more sales. 

We provide invoicing and credit card abilities without the hassle of applying for a merchant number. That lets you worry about moving customers while we take care of the details that let them put your fees in your pocket. 


Administrative services

We can provide secretarial skills, document creation and reporting options.

Look your very best and remain orgnized; Movers Alliance helps you present the look and confidence your customers seek in order to entrust their homes and office moves to your company. 

Optional accounting services

Not everyone finds  minding the Ps and Qs of day to day accounting to be their forte

As an optional service we can have our accounting team work with you to keep books that keep you confident in working to keep busy while we report back to you on the day to day details and month end figures you need to get ahead and grow.