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Before Moving Anything In

Before moving any of your belongings into your new home, its important to make sure that everything is as it should be. You may have had a list of repairs you expected or this may be the first time you’ve seen the house empty. Take some time to go around with a notepad and check all of the sockets for obvious signs of wear and tear and look for damage that you might be otherwise liable for.

Ensure that any cupboards are empty, free of damp, mold or bad smells, and keep a close note of what where the electricity, water and gas stopcocks are. While doing this, you’ll also be getting a feel for where you can place any furniture, how to get it up any stairs or even just into the house. Note down any damage or concerns you have to be discussed with whomever you’re dealing with . It’s important to have these notes before moving anything in so that you can get the problems remedied as soon as possible.

If you’re renting, your landlord should also give you contact details, emergency repair numbers and any paperwork pertaining to these emergency repairs that you may need. You may also want to get bank details or arrange a good time to come and collect rent. Any final paperwork can be signed now, and then you can start making your new place your own.

You should also ensure that the central heating and boiler are working correctly and collect any manuals for these from the previous occupants.  These manuals will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.


Areas Of Service

Areas Of Service

We currently have several Movers Alliance Management Partners throughout BC and Alberta.  We are also currently looking for more movers in these 2 Provinces for now.  In addition to having local movers scattered throughout these 2 provinces, we also have full service long distance movers to handle your across Canada moves.  If you have a move going anywhere in Canada, please contact us for a quote.

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Areas Of Service

Vancouver Moving Services

We are your #1 choice for a Vancouver Moving company. We have an affiliation of companies that adhere to our strict “good practice” moving guidelines. Instead of just one mover, we will have multiple to choose from that have all met our standards of excellence, and carry the Seal of Approval badge we offer to proven moving industry leaders. Consider us the #1 agency for quality control in the moving industry. With our Vancouver movers you can trust that we will have only professionals on your moving job.

Here are some of the services our Vancouver moving partners provide:

• house moving
• apartment moving
• office moving
• packing services
• piano moving
• long distance moving
• storage

Basically we have any of your moving needs covered through our multitude of diverse moving companies within our network. Move with one, and store with another. Our movers work together as Moving Alliance Management partners and will honor other companies rates when it comes down to getting your job booked. Never before was there such versatility, options, and quality under one moving companies roof. That is because we are not 1 moving company. We are the BEST OF THE BEST.

If you would prefer to speak to someone live to confirm availability of dates and to get a moving quote, please call us directly at

Local Vancouver:  604 688-6078

Or Toll Free:        1-888-668-3016

If you prefer an online quote, just fill in the information on the form to the right.


House Moving

Moving the contents of your home can be a very stressful time, we want to make sure that you have a pleasant and stress free move.  When moving an entire household, it is good to give as much details as possible when speaking to our move coordinators.  Book well ahead of time so that you can rest easy that you have movers booked.

Most commonly asked question – How much will my move cost? Answer: That is up to you!

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If you would prefer to speak to someone live to confirm availability of dates and to get a moving quote, please call us directly at


If you prefer an online quote, just fill in the information on the form to the right.