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Moving Company Advertising

In addition to having top quality personable sales staff to assist you in growing your business by closing more moves and freeing up your time, we also have a full service web development team that has teamed up with us to help our movers marketing efforts grow.

For a limited time all new APPROVED Movers Alliance partners will be eligible to receive a Custom Website & Mobile Website geared to increasing call volume to your business.


Custom Moving Company Websites

The above example ranks in Google for over 160 keyword phrases that people type into Google when looking for moving services in Edmonton. This has resulted in our client being booked solid month after month. Our client is earning money on jobs he cannot take when we refer his spillover to another Moving Alliance Partner.

How would you like your moving company to be ranked #1 in Google for the terms relating to your city and moving services? We can do it!

Here is an example of one of our partners moving sites that ranks for over 150 terms on the first page of Google.

Custom Branded Website

Here is the mobile site for the same company. The mobile site is in a smart phone emulator. Some functions of the website may not work in the emulator, but if you visit the site on any smartphone, all features will work.

Custom Branded Mobile Site

We are currently looking for moving companies in the following areas:

  • Calgary AB
  • Victoria BC
  • Kelowna BC
  • Red Deer AB

In order to be eligible for this offer, you must first fill out an application here to be a partner.