Moving Checklist

Most commonly asked question – How much will my move cost?

Answer: That is up to you!

Any of the following tasks can be performed by the mover, however, any of these extras that you do will result in money you saved.

Check List to Save Money on Your Move:

  •  Clear the access of any obstructions, including snow & ice removal in winter.
  • Do your own packing; have boxes packed & ready to go on moving day, be READY.
  • Use boxes or containers that are solid enough to hold your goods, close & seal the lids.
  • Empty your closets, have clothing packed & ready to go.
  • Label your boxes as to which rooms they are to be placed in at your new address.
  • If you pack small boxes with odds & ends, label them for later convenience.
  • Arrange to take personal care of valuables such as jewelry, money and documents.
  • Remove mirrors from dressers.
  • Disassemble beds – label & package all parts.
  • Disconnect appliances; see that the motors of appliances such as washers and dryers are securely fastened down.
  • Dispose of perishable goods from refrigerator and freezer.
  • Unplug lamps and remove shades.
  • Take down any fixtures such as blinds & drapery rods if you are taking them with you, also pictures, fans, hanging lamps and plasma TV’s.
  • Plants are moved at your own risk and pets are not the responsibility of the mover.
  •  Some items such as flammables, firearms and ammunition, CANNOT be moved or require special consideration. Consult your move coordinator.

It is important to have a responsible person prepared to stay at the truck during loading and off-loading; theft is a possibility when cargo is left unattended. If this is not possible be sure to book a large enough moving crew, 3 man minimum.

Before the truck departs, check your closets, basement and garage for possible leftovers.

Things that should be coordinated by you:

  • Someone representing you must be in attendance at your move at all times.
  • Be certain that all moving and elevator restrictions are approved by your building management prior to the day of your move.
  • Be certain there is adequate truck parking at both the pick up & drop off locations.

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