Movers Area

Our Certified Good Practice Movers Requirements


The Carrier agrees to all of the following guidelines set by Mover’s Alliance Management to be advertised and considered a “certified good practice mover”.

  •  The Carrier must carry appropriate commercial registration & licensing for his truck.
  • The Carrier carries up to date WCB coverage.
  • The Carrier agrees that his/her truck will be maintained in reasonable mechanical condition, appearance should be free of graffiti.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees agree to conduct business in a professional manner.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees will abstain from the use of alcohol or drugs while on a company move.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees are to be clean and appropriately dressed in work attire.
  • The Carrier agrees to make reasonable efforts to fulfill the arrangements made for servicing a shipment, including the performance of pickup and delivery as agreed upon. Keep customers advised of any service delays and provide them with information as to when service may be expected to be performed. This will include providing the customer with a contact name and telephone number for ongoing contact.
  • The Carrier agrees to present and correctly utilize a Bill of Lading and the Conditions of Carriage in compliance with the Motor Vehicle regulations, the conditions of carriage must be printed clearly.
  • The Carrier agrees to promptly and fairly attempt to resolve disputes including loss or damage claims to household goods, billing concerns, general client dissatisfaction through in-house complaints-handling and/or external dispute resolution processes as appropriate and available.
  • Communicate with the public through fair and accurate advertisements and sales literature regarding the services that may be performed.