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Our Certified Good Practice Movers Requirements


The Carrier agrees to all of the following guidelines set by Mover’s Alliance Management to be advertised and considered a “certified good practice mover”.

  •  The Carrier must carry appropriate commercial registration & licensing for his truck.
  • The Carrier carries up to date WCB coverage.
  • The Carrier agrees that his/her truck will be maintained in reasonable mechanical condition, appearance should be free of graffiti.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees agree to conduct business in a professional manner.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees will abstain from the use of alcohol or drugs while on a company move.
  • The Carrier and his/her employees are to be clean and appropriately dressed in work attire.
  • The Carrier agrees to make reasonable efforts to fulfill the arrangements made for servicing a shipment, including the performance of pickup and delivery as agreed upon. Keep customers advised of any service delays and provide them with information as to when service may be expected to be performed. This will include providing the customer with a contact name and telephone number for ongoing contact.
  • The Carrier agrees to present and correctly utilize a Bill of Lading and the Conditions of Carriage in compliance with the Motor Vehicle regulations, the conditions of carriage must be printed clearly.
  • The Carrier agrees to promptly and fairly attempt to resolve disputes including loss or damage claims to household goods, billing concerns, general client dissatisfaction through in-house complaints-handling and/or external dispute resolution processes as appropriate and available.
  • Communicate with the public through fair and accurate advertisements and sales literature regarding the services that may be performed.

Movers Area

Moving Company Advertising

In addition to having top quality personable sales staff to assist you in growing your business by closing more moves and freeing up your time, we also have a full service web development team that has teamed up with us to help our movers marketing efforts grow.

For a limited time all new APPROVED Movers Alliance partners will be eligible to receive a Custom Website & Mobile Website geared to increasing call volume to your business.


Custom Moving Company Websites

The above example ranks in Google for over 160 keyword phrases that people type into Google when looking for moving services in Edmonton. This has resulted in our client being booked solid month after month. Our client is earning money on jobs he cannot take when we refer his spillover to another Moving Alliance Partner.

How would you like your moving company to be ranked #1 in Google for the terms relating to your city and moving services? We can do it!

Here is an example of one of our partners moving sites that ranks for over 150 terms on the first page of Google.

Custom Branded Website

Here is the mobile site for the same company. The mobile site is in a smart phone emulator. Some functions of the website may not work in the emulator, but if you visit the site on any smartphone, all features will work.

Custom Branded Mobile Site

We are currently looking for moving companies in the following areas:

  • Calgary AB
  • Victoria BC
  • Kelowna BC
  • Red Deer AB

In order to be eligible for this offer, you must first fill out an application here to be a partner.

Movers Area

How It Works

Movers Alliance Management was established by a an experienced group of moving professionals, who recognized there is a growing anxiety between the consumer to find a trust worthy mover and also the credible mover who’s reputation is being tainted by the unscrupulous few. We wanted to establish a brand recognition that will ensure the client a professional service and at the same time, aid the movers in growing their business. We took on this task and transformed it into a streamlined professional service with outstanding customer feedback!


Movers Alliance Management is revolutionizing the moving industry one relationship at a time!

We would like to help you generate more income, enjoy higher closing ratios, and increase your customer retention, all while freeing up your time!

We offer you, the movers the strength of a proven sales team, friendly reception and optional administrative services, guaranteed to make you money!


We are specialists in the moving industry and together we have many accumulative years of selling experience and customer care. You will not pay any money unless a move is booked. No expensive hourly wages to pay. You will make no investment to us unless a move is completed and we make you money!

Sales & reception

All you need is the call-forwarding feature on your phone. Why not free up your hands and do what you do best, MOVE.  We will give your clients the undivided attention they deserve in assuring a stress free move!

Customer care

We can provide confirmations, follow-up and optional complaint resolution.


Our alliance of movers can help in resolving most dispatch issues.

Referral program

Our internal referral program allows for you to generate income from your advertising even when you are booked and at the same time we can help fill your schedule!

Alternate payment methods

We provide invoicing and credit card abilities without the hassle of applying for a merchant number.

Administrative services

We can provide secretarial skills, document creation and reporting options.

Optional accounting services

also offered including WCB & GST remittances and book keeping services.

Brand recognition, while keeping your own company name.  We offer our services at a price you can afford!


Call us to arrange a meeting today


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Movers Area

Movers Application

We only accept moving companies that will adhere to the highest standards of excellence. After you fill in this form, we will review your business to see if you qualify.

There are no upfront fees for our service, and just some of the services we offer for your company are:

  • we have a completely experienced trained sales staff with incredible closing ratio’s to sell more jobs for you
  • an online calendar service to manage all of your bookings at a day, week, month, or year view.
  • other administrative duties as needed by each individual client
  • merchant account so you can accept visa/mastercard if you do not currently
  • free search engine friendly website that ranks well in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (some conditions apply to receive this website for free)

Fill in the application and one of our staff will review and follow up with you within 2 business days.


Movers Partner Application Form

Movers Area

Movers Wanted

We are looking for movers IMMEDIATELY in the following cities:

  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Red Deer

If you are an independent moving company that has at least 1 truck, then you may be able to be put to work immediately.  With our company, we do not ask you to change your company name, in fact we help you build your brand.  We do not charge any upfront fees to be a member of our organization.  It is more dependent on your ability to comply with our “good practice” moving guidelines.  You can download our free info kit to learn more, or you can apply to be a partner in the right hand column of this site.